I’m exhausted,

My body aches

And my heart misses you.

My fingers ache for your skin

My breasts ache to be under your heavy chest

My arms ache to be touched with your toned arms

My cheeks ache to feel your face

My sense aches to smell you,

My body  aches,  to be touched.

My heart,  aches to be felt.

My brain hurts,  confusing scenario,

Too much possibilities that a simple math equation can’t solve the probability

My brain is frozen,  seeing your golden eyes through the windows of memory.

That broken laptop of yours and me,

We have something in common.

We are touched,  but can never touch you

We are seen,  but can never see you.

You,  make my tears streaming down

Make my heart broke,

Make my soul unwhole…..


The clock on your wall, stops

it’s at 9.

Norah Jones said it looks like morning in your eyes,

I wonder.

The clock on your wall, no more ticking.

The curtain falls, you open.

Sunset, now lies on your face, the whole world is in your eyes.

Sad sun light, dances on my face.

Surprise, in my eyes.

The distance between us, looks like a deep cut.

My heart,

where to put?

The clock on your wall, stops.

That sounds annoys your morning sun

Just like me annoying your fun.



Before midnight 

I curl up in bed, 

bare skin under the sheet, being crushed into pieces.

My body aches, my soul hurts.

All the pressure that brings me down under,

is nothing,

I just need you, the real you, the vulnerable you, the sickening you, the sarcastic you, the you in my world.

I fool myself in an honest world that is full of lies,

all the butterflies turn into dried leaves that fly

the sweet honeybee are just bitter wax

the sour candies ended up being too spicy that my throat is torn

the rain drops hop on my cheek, salty

you know what do you have in common with them?

they feel real, but they are not real.

our life won’t be sealed.

those pains will never be healed. 


days like this,

I just crave you. Your hugs, your kisses, your warm skin

I crave that moment to lie on the same bed with you, being separated by an invisible border

I crave,

to reach out my hand and draw a line on your spine,

to touch your skin and kiss it with real love

to look straight into your eyes and being able to tell you how do i love

to hug you from behind in your t-shirt and kiss that shoulders from behind

to be loved, just once,

to be loved by you.

Blood and Pablo

Waking up in a summer day,


I pour my blood on the white paper,

I pour my heart out, fermented in time

Chop my body off every night

Disintegrate my soul when I’m high

Cut my own throat saying I love you

Plunge the knife of truth in  my own heart

My brain can’t stop searching for you.

I keep myself busy the whole time

Lying to myself with shitty lies

The chaotic circle i can never get out

Time is running out,

My blood is dried

That blood stain on the white paper,

Remind me of your smile under the starry night

In a windy night

On the busy street

You are all over me

And i am just not over you.

Reading the saddest lines of Pablo,


“Yo la quise, y a veces ella también me quiso.”

Amor, vendo mi alma por ti….

Let me. 

Let me,  touch your spoon,  

Taste your lips from that bite of yours on the sweet choc cake. 

Let me,  drink that bottle of yours,

Taste your tongue from that water we share. 

Let me,  wear that shirt of yours, 

Smell your familiar sweat just on the inside

Let me, use that shower gel of yours, 

Smell like you,  leave you on my skin. 

Let me, hold your hand in silence, 

Feel those fingers of yours filling up the spaces in my hand. 

Let me,  Stare into your eyes a bit longer, 

Feel like a teenager standing in front of her idol. 

Let me,  kiss you on that right cheek of yours, 

Lie my head on your shoulder, 

Kiss your arm,  your neck,  your head

I want more things than just your flesh. 

Let me,  lying next to you in bed for a while,

Feel like once you at least are mine. 

Let me,  hug you tight from behind, 

Whisper in your ears that I never want to say goodbye 

Let me,  expose all the love I have to hide, 

wishing you can once be mine. 

For me,  might you please just smile. 

Let me,  show you what love is, 

How to mend a broken heart,  

How to cry on a busy night,  

Life is not easy,  love’s unkind, 

I wish I never had to hide,

I wish you knew all my sides, 

I wish you knew how much I love you. 

I wish you let me,  just once,  touch that Heart of you,  

I wish you let me,  just once,  do everything for you 

I wish you let me,  just once,  love you more than I can ever give..

I wish you let me… 

While in fact you don’t.  


I broke up with the guy in a summer night

Many words were left unsaid, 

Many feelings were left asides. 

I broke up with the guy when I was not high

Shaking my head,  wished it’d been fine

My heart was shrunken,  my head ached. 

I did wish to get him back… 

George Ezra sang the song every night on my Playlist 

I did nothing but feeling like shit. 

First meet,  ended up with a kiss

Breezing at night ,  city light,  

To me, 

Love’s unkind.

And I, 

I was just tired. 

George Ezra still sings the song, 

And I know I was just wrong. 

Now I know where I belong, 

Come here my love,  that’s your song.