November night…

-thank you, just remember you said i was a weirdo lol

– we are both
  a friend said yesterday to me
  u mind is either crazy or sick, bc of the comments I do sometimes

– jajajaja… cannot be normal in this crazy world
  sorry humanistic again lol

-I think most of the world is too normal

-where are you in this world? 

-mostly outside the box

I cannot be inside too long like in normal structure, liked fixed jobs, relationship, marriages, family

 I like loose structures and flexibility and u, where are u?

-I am halfway.
 just be on the side which i can enjoy the most
it is too soon for me to make a statement like you, but i have the same thoughts…. that’s what i like about you.

-Yes u are too young yet

-yes, the age is young

-the mind is older,  and the body is beautiful

-lol, probably i was wrong forcing myself to have the mind of a man

– just the mind, believe me

-but things must be better.
yeah, pain could drive your mind crazy

-which pain?

-Just some family issues.
Everybody has pain.

-yes but the trick is not to focus on pain and enjoy ur life
 and not let others give u pain

-that’s true, i am enjoying my life.
 have you ever hurt anybody?
or being hurt?

-I am guy, of course. It’s impossible not to hurt women and being hurt, but most of the time I am faster to protect myself

– even in early life?

-as kid not, there u just get hurt

-my age?

-also. I was pretty shy

-and now that word seems not exist in your dictionary lol

-yes, I learnt  shy ppl dont get anything in life and life is too short to wait and hope for stuff. that is my more or less humanistic approach

– sometimes i make a joke about hope. Hope means hold on pain ends lol

-yes, its true
hope meets denying the reality and living on dreams

-I don’t believe you are not humanistic
 ppl have weak moments, they just dont show it

– depends, if I like somebody or its important for me I am
but its fun to be an asshole some times and fool around

– or be emotionless lol
sometimes my friends say i know nothing because i always laugh and smile

– yes or pretend to be
dont think so

-because i dont have a tendency to show out my sadness
that is bad because i always laugh when i am sad, disappointed or angry
 it doesn’t help really…

-hm, I see

-that’s for stranger.
 but for the one who is close or the ones i like, it is different.


-that is tired not showing your true color to the one you love. so better be myself while being with them

-yes or not loving lol

-lol, love doesnt mean to be between male and female though

-Yes i know

-you know it better than me

– love to males I dont know lol

-experience love, experience pains haha
yeah, i will know about loving man better than you lol

-yes, hope so lol

-would be nice if u would be here

-haha, cook dinner for me?

dinner I for a lot of hugs lol

-i’d love to try your food sometimes
i like it when a man go to the kitchen and cooking =]

– I cook in shorts
Any problems?

-What problem?

– that u see me just in shorts

-i think i saw you twice hald naked lol

– and? u like it lol

-lol, don’t know what to say

-the truth lol

– i think it’s normal lol
it is normal to see a guy half naked i think


-i wonder how will your joke level when you are 70 lol super.

-even more dirty lol

-When have you turn from a cute shy guy to be like this? lol

-24-25 and later. btw when is ur birthday?

-Dec 8th

– so u are soon 18

-old enough to be in jail lol

-or to hug me lol

-didnt i hug you? D:

-yes, illegally lol

-lol. hugs need to be 18?

-depends what kinds of hugs lol

– what kind of hugs we had?

– dont worry, innocent ones

-hugs are innocent, mind is dirty lol

– only mine or urs too?

– i just hug, i don’t think.

-when i do something that i mean it, i dont need to think lol

– that is better

– hope you dont think much either.

– not really

-as you called it practicing or something

-what u mean?practicing hugging?

-remember you told me that
couple days ago

-what kind of practicing?

-i dont know
you said it lol

– I like ur hugs

-and you call it illegal?
sometimes i dont understand you lol

-I was kidding
maybe our kiss was illegal lol

– :)….



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