The doomsday.

         The heat of the prophecy about the end of the world has a very strong affection to every people in this world even you care or not. It has been there in every conversation at least once. I’m not a big fan of this Doomsday’s theory but i do talk about it sometimes- in an ironic- or romantic way.

           Notradamus said:

“From the calm morning, the end will come. When of the dancing horse the number of circles will be 9.”

           This prophet had several right prophecies about the disasters in his future (our time). Therefore, some people really freak out, some people don’t, and some people use it as a promotion for their own benefits. I don’t have any comment about this prediction cause life is full of mysteries. However, i have found that Psy has a very great marketing team. They related every single word Notradamus predicted to the Gangnam’s style Phenomenon- which help the rating views in Youtube of this video increases every day. Seems like the K-pop industry nowadays is really good at taking opportunities from the big fear of the world- the death of our planet. Other musical industries should hire the marketing team of Psy though; it could be a good choice.

              I don’t know why people post something like “If it was not the doomsday, i would do this and i would do that….”. Did you really live your life before? Why do you have to wait to the end of the world and do something worth it? And if it was not the doomsday, would you do what you should do or it’s just a saying?  We now sound like kids who had fault and promise to their mom not to do it again or they would do it better in the future. It is not about what you promise, it is about what you can do and what you are willing to do. Let say the doomsday is a motivation for ppl to do good things or experience the things they havent tried before, but there is no right time for good things, we should do good things all the time we can, for you, for me and for everyone else.



-i need to party for the end of the world

-what if it was the real end of the world?

-i will die partying

-haha i love that positive side about you

-always look on the bright side of life 

-if it was the real end of the world, i would be sad cause i havent found my love yet

-You shouldn’t be sad, im sure if it was the end of the world would be love everywhere

-maybe i will run to someone and say i love him so much

-or they will run to you

-sadly there is no one and i dont know any

-im sure a lot of people will run towards you. I will go to hell and you will go to heaven, so sadly i wont see you again after life

-Haha, the sad thing is i might see you in hell and you will have to find a place to hide form me cause now i am your big obsession: chasing you to hell

-I will never hide from you, not even in hell, in hell we can be as bad as we want that is OK

-Bad as i am (: 

-you are good, i wont see you in hell

-i will see you again if i dont die in doomsday

– sure i will see you again

– yes, we will….


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