Last icecream for Christmas?

Thing between us doesn’t work that way. I feel love and hate  at the same time, this ship has driven me crazy.

Sitting in front of you, looking deeply at your eyes and think about all the time we have been together. You are a lovely nightmare and i just cannot refuse your beautiful blue eyes…

  I look through your shirt, remember when i laid my head on your chest and felt your heartbeats, it was fast. I asked you why, and i liked it when you kissed my forehead and whispering ” Because of you”,

I look at the beard you haven’t shaved , remember when we kissed and i complained about how it hurts me, you did go shave and  back with a good fragrance which i never forget,

I look at your smile, remember how good laughing was while i was with you,

I hear the laughter, and i realize how much i will miss this crazy sound,

I feel the way you look at me, i have a good morning today having coffee with you, we talk and we laugh. I like it and i like you too. Thank you for letting my heart alive again, just sadly we chose freedom, not love. And you are just afraid of everything: old age, loneliness, future etc… while i’m trying to enjoy the moment.

I have kept so many memories about you inside my heart.  I should not have done that, cause it will make me miss you much, but i did, and still… i see the loneliness in your eyes.

In the very beginning, i have never known how much you will mean to me. 

Last ice cream for Christmas, shall we? 🙂


-No Xmas is a good Xmas

-Something like no love is a good love?

-No commitment is good lol, or like some men say:  love is great, but i have so much love, i don’t want to waste it on only one girl lol…


-Am i cool?

-Yes, you are a nice guy with beautiful mask

-My protection

-Yes but take it off at the right time though


– But i do like you

-I like you too

-It would be better if you said it by your heart

-I like you, but we can be friends only.

-I know, you told me once about the gap between us.

-Oh yes, and i want to be single, single is always great

-No, you are just afraid of loving dear….



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