Eres tú…

Eres tú...

Nada te persigue, nada te atormenta, es tu miedo… eres tú.


Schreiben Sie über die Ländern.

Österreich hat 8 Millionen Einwohner. Es ist 83.853 Quadratkilometer groß. Die Währung in Österreich heißt Euro. Wien ist die Hauptstadt. In Wein leben circa 1,6 Millionen Menschen. Weitere große Städte sind Graz mit circa 240.000 Einwohnern, Linz mit circa 189.000 Einwohnern und Salzburg mit circa 143.000 Einwohnern.


Vietnam hat 84  Millionen Einwohnen. Es ist 331.689 Quadratkilometer groß. Die Währung in Viet Nam heißt Viet Nam Dong. Hà Nội ist die Hauptstadt. Die groß Städte in Viet Nam sind Hải Phòng, Đà Nẵng und Hồ Chí Minh stadt.


Die Schweiz hat 7 Millionen Einwohner. Es ist 41.293 Quadratkilometer groß. Die Währung in die Schweiz heißt Scheweizer Franken. Bern ist die Hauptstadt. In Bern leben circa 122.000 Menschen. Weitere große Städte sind Zürich mist circa 338.000 Einwohnern, Genf mit circa 175.000 Einwohnern und Basel mit circa 963.000 Einwohnern.


~Nur für dich~

La recita graciosa.

“Un párrafo comico en mi clase de Español (o) la  recita nueva para el spaghetti Italiano¨

Me gustan muchas comidas, pero mi plato favorito es el spaghetti. Lo puedo cocinar fácilmente en la casa.

Para un plato del spaghetti, necesitamos 100gr de la pasta, un tomate, 50gr de la salchicha Italiana, 30gr del parmesano y las especias: la sal, la azúcar, el aceite y la piemienta….

Primero, se hierve la pasta en 3 minutos, la tenemos en remojo en 1 minuto y se la saca. Se cortan el tomate y las salchichas en trozos pocos, depúes, se los mezclan con un poco sal, azúcar y pimienta.

Se gundo, se cuecola mezcla en la olla con un poco aceite hasta conseguir la salsa espesa.

Luego, se cortan los parmesanos para decoración.

Se echa la mezcla del tomate y las salchichas en el plato de la pasta.

Se lo decora con los parmesanos.

Este alimento es muy delicioso, simple y puedo lo cocinar rápido.


=> La resulta:


Outside the box and an Island wedding.

Wedding! I have never pictured how mine would be. Probably i will have  an exotic one – that is what my friend- Strawberry thinks.


Joe- which is called Dâu (as Joe sounds like strawberry-dâu in Viet Namese) is a very nice , smart and religious guy. I can easily talk to him about everything except the religion part since religion itselfs is already a controlversal topic. I told him that i saw him going to his friend’s wedding in my dream last night and he asked me if it was mine. Of course not,  i would never want my wedding to be in a church in some place i don’t know.  At least it should happen in an island! Joe thinks it is weird to get married in an island. He wants to be in a temple, in front of everybody, reads the vow in Jesus name and starts creating the traditional of the family with Lord.

I am just different. I don’t want to get married. The responsibilities, the houseworks, the bilds, the *tied* relationships and the vacations with kiddos freak me out at the first place. It can be a bit stupid and arrogant to say i can live a life without having my own family, but honestly that’s what i think right now. The point is when we are young, we say things without thinking clearly, and all the families i know scare me as hell. They teach me even a “perfect” one still have some issues inside, and infact- nothing is perfect. However, i did imagine some scence in my future wedding tape -in-case-i-have-one.

The wedding will be in an island with a priest, plam trees, tropical fruits, reggae or latin dancing and 50 people from both sides. I love the crowd, but in my wedding? no thanks. 100 would be the maximum number i could think of. How freak will it be when tons of eyes-look-at-your-kissing-moment? That’s nuts lol

Back to my little Dâu, he completely doesn’t like my idea.

#1: He WANTS to be in a temple.

#2: It would be so fucking expensive for a Taurus mind

#3: There will be no way he gets married to some girls who have the same ideas as me. 1) Girls like me are not that religious. 2) Boys like him don’t get married to somebody who doesn’t have the same religion.

Yes, that life inside the box makes me sick sometimes. Why do we have to build up a fence and trap ourselves in it? We are all matter though. “Unless i could drive myself crazy, no one could”- That’s the voice inside my head, and this at the same time: 


However, living a life outside the box has its own risks as well. You could be a happy person or a psychology path at the same time. Living a life without rules, structures and be too flexible is like running in a long road without barriers. Don’t know where to stop and when to stop. You just run, every day, every hours, every minutes until being exhausted. Then sometimes you win, sometimes you surrender, sometimes you are just too tired to be a “good one”; that’s when an anti social being born. 


And this is what i learnt from my last date and the imagined wedding : Don’t live inside the box, but don’t throw it away either. At least, you have some place to stay…