Day 8- A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

This is a hard question. I feel like i have to pick up the best gummybear in my bag, i’m pretty greedy though 😛

Honestly, i’m proud of what i’ve had and what i’ve done; but then i haven’t reached my goal yet, so i am not satisfied.

However, i am pretty conflict and flexible, so i can be satisfied with myself whenever i want. I could say- one way of self loving.

Maybe i could be a bit specific here

-Recently, i am satisfied with my studies.  Spanish, German, French, Sanskrits, Dutch …. everything now are on my desk!

– I feel satisfied with my relationships. Very interesting, crazy and sincere.

– I feel satisfied with my life, that’s all.

Well, i have no idea to say about this lol


Day 7- Your zodiac sign…

I am a Sagittarius, simple as that.

In short, i am a typical Sagittarius.

“Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, Sagittarians possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life that makes them one of the most optimistic zodiac signs of all. Like their astrological symbol – the Archer – Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their sights towards whatever it is they find alluring – a love partner, dream job, vacation – and making it their own. They believe that anything is possible – and because of this belief system, Sagittarians are adept at seeking out their very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But sometimes trying to tie down these free-spirited individuals is frustrating for those around them. Sagittarians are happiest on the move – exploring new cultures and ideas and many are attracted to occupations related to travel, the media, outdoor work and philosophical pursuits. In love, their catch-cry is “don’t fence me in”. But once they find a partner who understands their need to retain their own sense of self and identity, Sagittarians can be the most big-hearted, generous and fun-loving companions of all.

Freedom loving, optimistic and honest, Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and higher learning. The wisdom of Jupiter imbibes Sagittarians with an inherent need to develop their own unique philosophy of life. The Centaur is their astrological symbol, and it gives many insights into the Sagittarian personality. The higher-evolved Sagittarian learns to integrate the two ends of the Centaur (half-human, half-beast) in order for their arrow (another Sagittarian symbol) of higher aspirations to be more on the mark. Although they are intellectually and spiritually advanced, Sagittarians are notorious for their lack of tact. In relationships they demand independence, but when in love, it can’t be denied that they are one of the most big-hearted signs of the zodiac.”

I’m like a wild horse running free. Yes, all things you read about Sagittarius are true for me, at least 80%.



Day 6 – 30 interesting facts about yourself

1- I don’t like flowers. But if you are romantic enough to buy me a bunch of flowers sometimes, i am very appreciated. 2- Travelling, languages and drawing are all my dreams about. 3- I am more conflict and complicated than what i show outside. 4- I don’t really care about what other people say about my attitude, it amuses me sometimes in fact. 5- The only one who affects me much until this time is my dad. If you judge me bad, it’s your business. If my dad starts judging me, it’s mine. I totally trust him. 6- Sometimes, i feel like talking in English is easier than expressing the same feeling in Vietnamese. 7- If i hate you, i will not pay any attentions for you. So don’t ask if i like you, miss you, hate you, think of you or whatever it could be. I know what to do and when to say. Those questions really annoy me. 8- If you miss me or have any feelings for me, please tell. I don’t judge you because of that. And if i say any lovely words, please don’t just say “me too”. It’s not the thing i want to hear; or other wise, i won’t say it again. 9- I don’t like it when ppl write only “HPBD” or “CMSN” on someone’s FB wall in their birthday. Honestly, you better not writing any wish than posting those caps leters. They have no meanings at all! 10- I use the internet everyday. But i don’t like the one who is confused between the cyber life and real life. And please, don’t remember your friend’s birthday by the social network’s notification. What would you do if they disappear one day? 11- It takes me forever to forget someone, especially the one who used to have a special connection with me. Even i try to be strong, be sarcastic or careless, i still keep an eye on that one and think of them everyday. yes, that’s #3 12- I am good at faking smiles and pretending to be happy. 13- I cannot cry even i want to sometimes. I have no tears. 14- My childhood is the only pain which lasts long and hurt me most of the time. 15- I don’t like those who are arrogant or trying to put themselves down to gain more respects from people. I have no respects for them at all. 16- If someone is acting with me or being fake, i usually know it. If i don’t say any words, it means you are not worth my saying. 17- I’m an owl at night and i have a tendency to sleep when i am tired. 18- I am allergic to mussels. 19- I am pretty open about sex. I can talk about it without being blushed. I am not curious nor being so sensitive. To me, having sex is a nature habit which is used to satisfy each other and helps the world’s population growing lol; until you have special feelings, it will be called making love.  I do have my own rules for this but at least, i am not be like” What? what is that, don’t talk, i am scared etc…” when you mention about this topic  ((: 20- I don’t like talking about politics nor religions with those who are extreme. But if you are willing to learn about those interesting things like me, we can talk about it to learn more. 21- I do notice about your appearance when you first talk to me, but then your heart  and your brain will decide your position in my life. By the way, you could be a bit dirty in your words, but your body, no lol 😉 22- I don’t like guys with long hairs, long nails, lady attitudes and those who are  paying too much attentions to their appearance. 23- I can help you even you are not good to me. I have no problems doing that, but remember what you pay will be more than what you got if you ever do bad things to me. 24- I always have my own views about someone’s personality. So if you are hated by so many people, no worries as i might not be one of them even they are my best friends. 25- If you see i talk so many things to you and you feel like i am using you as a trash bin, well then i have trusted you more than 70%. I don’t often talk about myself to other people but the ones i trust. 26- I always need love, hugs and kisses. I just don’t say it out loud. 27- Education, family, friends, freedom and love are important to me. I have my own way to protect those things in my life. 28- I do dream of a happy family sometimes, but then i don’t believe in my own dream. 29- I can get on well with some old buddies even i havent seen them for a while. 30- I still want to be an engineer or a zoologist. I’m still craving to see the giant Anaconda in Amazon jungle. My fear is my love lol


30 Days challenge- Day 5

A time you thought about the end of your life.

Back in primary school and secondary school, I used to think about the end of my life.

I did try to commit suicide once, but I failed. It was really hurt and bad to hang yourself. Breathless, If you said your heart stopped beating because of being shocked, being sad or falling head over heels for somebody, then hang your head on the rope would be worse than that.

I found my life in a little black hole without any way to get out. I was in ruin, at least once in my early life. That’s why I never underestimate a kid’s thought. They are more sensitive than we think. Once being hurt, it could not be healed.

I was a good student at school. I’m now proud to say that, not in an arrogant way, but in a right way since I know what I got. My study has never bothered me much, but my individual life did. Beside school, everything to me was as hell. I didn’t tell much. I learnt how to suffer alone, how to stay calm, how to be strong and how to stop myself from crying out the tears. (Bad habit, I can’t even cry now, so just cry whenever you can!)

My life has never been stable. Some friends told me they want to have an exotic life likes this (too early to say I guess) but then what I have been through is absolutely not an interesting part. Everything has its price, I believe in that.

I’m growing old, and growing up. The changes, the environment, the relationships, the finance and the pains make me who I am today. I don’t want to talk much about myself as I have never wanted to. I have changed, physically and spiritually. However, the kid inside me has never gone away. It stays, long and last; and somehow it connects with the older me, they play the hiding roles together.

 It makes me realize how beautiful life is. I know it was stupid trying to end my life but then I never regret what I have done. They’re all treasures. 🙂

30 days challenge- Day 4

Your views on religion



Where hell, earth and heaven are pretty close.

Has a good education system with strict rules

A land of thoughtful ideas and imaginations.


Finally, you cannot force someone to follow what you believe in. They have to have their own faith, belief and a wondering heart to learn more about that religion. As i said above, this is a controversial topic, so i will not say more about my views here lol.

If there is someone does things like this “Go to church, pray in the temple, read the bible, try to understand Koran and Torah, go to the pagoda, visit the mosque, attend in Hindu festival etc” Then yes, you have found me as an aquaitance; i do it, too. If you think i am crazy, please read my first word in this post- All religions are interesting.

30 days challenge- Day 3

Your view on drugs and alcohol 

At first, let say that i am not addicted to drugs nor alcohol, so my point of view might be a bit different than the one who is an alcohol/drug’s lover.

#1- Alcohol

Legend said “Drink while you are happy, not when you’re sad”. However, if i am happy, i have no reason to drink lol

When i am happy, i think for my health, i think for myself, and drinking alcohol would be the first thing in my no list. But then when it is a bit blue, i can’t  deny that alcohol is a good friend.

I can’t forget how good i felt after taking some beers on a disappointing Wednesday night. It would be a bit emotional to say every beer drops into my stomach is like the tears to my check. Sadly, i cannot cry. So here it is- that’s your work, mr. Cerveza 😉

It’s a bad habit i could say, as sometimes i cannot control my words. If you’re playing hide and seek, alcohol is not a good company haha

But then, you should try alcohol at least 1 in your life; since if you follow all the rules, you will miss all the fun.

#2- Drugs

This: “I want to try weeds , speak Jamaican Patois and dance with Reggae music”. No doubts, it has been a plan!

~Never mind, bad girls have more fun? LOL~

30 days challenge- Day 2

Where you’d like to be in 10 years

I don’t plan my life, so i don’t really know where i would be in 10 years. However, i do want  my life to be a bit stable when i’m getting old.

Of course, i would never imagine myself to be at home , surrounded by the kids and waiting for my husband to come home. I might not get married at that time. Too young!

I want to see me wearing the sport shoes, carrying a bag with a good camera and travelling from places to places. My place is unidentified.

I want to see me holding someone hands and running away together under the rain. My action is unknown.

I want to see me talking in different languages, smiling  on every miles i walk on and live an exotic life. My story is just unclear.

In short, i want to see my footsteps all over the world or at least- the canal in Venice 😉

Oh yes, and i want to see me in the Love land!