Just so over.

Dear you,

I don’t know what to call you now. Ex, friend, aquaitance or someone i used to know?

I know we are just so over. We connected to each other by the sarcastic in the air and end all this in a Feb night with the crazy hard words and scary moment.

I know i am just not me since the day i realized my feeling for you,  i am not me when i keep my eye on you, i am not me when i think of you, i am not me when i scream out your name inside my heart.I don’t know how and i don’t know when you become the first thing i think after waking up and the last thing in my mind before i go to bed.

I don’t know how did you steal my heart

……………….when did you get in my mind

……………….when did you be a part of heart

and………….when did i consider this’s love…..

I have never seen i am this sad, this disappointed, this despressed and confused.

You made me want to stay, you made me believe, you made my heart beat again, you said… you will not leave….

You said you don’t want to hurt me, but you still do the things you surely know it will

You said you always see me, but you sometimes pretend not knowing me even i’m outside of your door, feeling out of control of your moody freaky side

You said you care about me, but then it’s like we have never known each other.

You said you love talking to me, then how come our conversations now turn into crap?…

You said…. manythings that now i cannot trust them anymore….

I miss you, but it is just over…



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