Sorry, my little sis!

Sorry, my little sis!

2am and haven’t slept yet. I don’t know how to explain for you, as i spend more time on the bus than being at home and meeting other people more than seeing my parents. Honestly i haven’t watched TV for like a month and i even have to download my favorite espisode Man vs Wild from youtube then watch them at the dorm at midnight; skipping meals now becomes my behavior that i think i could survive with some candies for a day; talking like a psycho path in the bathroom to make sure my French will not kill my Spanish and sometimes i find myself walking on a big road, stinky , tired while trying to catch a bus to jump from place to place.
I know it sounds ridiculous and this is my choice, i have no regret but then i’m still sad cause we are not together often likes what we did before. My plans are always ruined before it could come true, and the weekends are not mine anymore. You could blame it on me as i might not be a good sister these days. However; i love you still no matter what you said and i care about you more than you think. I’m still craving to see you in that yellow dress (:


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