30 days challenge _ Day 1

Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

I am single, now.

There is nothing special to be single:  You eat alone, sleep alone, study alone, feel happy alone and suffer alone- in both good and bad side.

And this is a nice useful poem describe how good single life is for individual finance:

” Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

A beer costs less

Then dinner for 2.”

Single life is unstable. It could be the beginning, the middle step or even the last destination.

You could feel excited to find your first love or a new love,  or even don’t want to move on as your last relationship hurted you much and you just cannot let it go that easy.

Single life helps you know how strong you are to stand alone, to face with your own feeling, to control your self and to fix your heart if it’s ever broken.

Single life lets you have time for yourself, to realize your own beauty and to see the beauty of the world.

Single life teaches you that you can’t never lie to yourself, especially your heart, and you have to respect every light connections between you and the one you love.

Single life reminds you how pretty it is to look at some blue eyes.

Single life creates an own space for you, to crawl in, to take a rest, to live slowly and to watch all the memories over and over again.

Single life makes you realize how hurt it is to hold on all those feelings you have never spoken out, how bad it is to miss someone out there and how sad it is to cry without tears.

Single life calms your mind, stops your heart from beating fast and forces your brain to focus on everything it does even missing is one of its function…

Single life is not bad, it’s absolutely better than a complicated, unstable or unclear relationship.

Single life is not sad, it’s surely better than having a relationship and end it in pains.

Single life is beautiful….

But then, Is it just me who craves for a tightly hug like what we did before or you do too?

Yes, That’s  just sad i could never forget you 🙂


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