30 days challenge- Day 2

Where you’d like to be in 10 years

I don’t plan my life, so i don’t really know where i would be in 10 years. However, i do want  my life to be a bit stable when i’m getting old.

Of course, i would never imagine myself to be at home , surrounded by the kids and waiting for my husband to come home. I might not get married at that time. Too young!

I want to see me wearing the sport shoes, carrying a bag with a good camera and travelling from places to places. My place is unidentified.

I want to see me holding someone hands and running away together under the rain. My action is unknown.

I want to see me talking in different languages, smiling  on every miles i walk on and live an exotic life. My story is just unclear.

In short, i want to see my footsteps all over the world or at least- the canal in Venice 😉

Oh yes, and i want to see me in the Love land!


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