30 days challenge- Day 3

Your view on drugs and alcohol 

At first, let say that i am not addicted to drugs nor alcohol, so my point of view might be a bit different than the one who is an alcohol/drug’s lover.

#1- Alcohol

Legend said “Drink while you are happy, not when you’re sad”. However, if i am happy, i have no reason to drink lol

When i am happy, i think for my health, i think for myself, and drinking alcohol would be the first thing in my no list. But then when it is a bit blue, i can’t  deny that alcohol is a good friend.

I can’t forget how good i felt after taking some beers on a disappointing Wednesday night. It would be a bit emotional to say every beer drops into my stomach is like the tears to my check. Sadly, i cannot cry. So here it is- that’s your work, mr. Cerveza 😉

It’s a bad habit i could say, as sometimes i cannot control my words. If you’re playing hide and seek, alcohol is not a good company haha

But then, you should try alcohol at least 1 in your life; since if you follow all the rules, you will miss all the fun.

#2- Drugs

This: “I want to try weeds , speak Jamaican Patois and dance with Reggae music”. No doubts, it has been a plan!

~Never mind, bad girls have more fun? LOL~


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