Day 6 – 30 interesting facts about yourself

1- I don’t like flowers. But if you are romantic enough to buy me a bunch of flowers sometimes, i am very appreciated. 2- Travelling, languages and drawing are all my dreams about. 3- I am more conflict and complicated than what i show outside. 4- I don’t really care about what other people say about my attitude, it amuses me sometimes in fact. 5- The only one who affects me much until this time is my dad. If you judge me bad, it’s your business. If my dad starts judging me, it’s mine. I totally trust him. 6- Sometimes, i feel like talking in English is easier than expressing the same feeling in Vietnamese. 7- If i hate you, i will not pay any attentions for you. So don’t ask if i like you, miss you, hate you, think of you or whatever it could be. I know what to do and when to say. Those questions really annoy me. 8- If you miss me or have any feelings for me, please tell. I don’t judge you because of that. And if i say any lovely words, please don’t just say “me too”. It’s not the thing i want to hear; or other wise, i won’t say it again. 9- I don’t like it when ppl write only “HPBD” or “CMSN” on someone’s FB wall in their birthday. Honestly, you better not writing any wish than posting those caps leters. They have no meanings at all! 10- I use the internet everyday. But i don’t like the one who is confused between the cyber life and real life. And please, don’t remember your friend’s birthday by the social network’s notification. What would you do if they disappear one day? 11- It takes me forever to forget someone, especially the one who used to have a special connection with me. Even i try to be strong, be sarcastic or careless, i still keep an eye on that one and think of them everyday. yes, that’s #3 12- I am good at faking smiles and pretending to be happy. 13- I cannot cry even i want to sometimes. I have no tears. 14- My childhood is the only pain which lasts long and hurt me most of the time. 15- I don’t like those who are arrogant or trying to put themselves down to gain more respects from people. I have no respects for them at all. 16- If someone is acting with me or being fake, i usually know it. If i don’t say any words, it means you are not worth my saying. 17- I’m an owl at night and i have a tendency to sleep when i am tired. 18- I am allergic to mussels. 19- I am pretty open about sex. I can talk about it without being blushed. I am not curious nor being so sensitive. To me, having sex is a nature habit which is used to satisfy each other and helps the world’s population growing lol; until you have special feelings, it will be called making love.  I do have my own rules for this but at least, i am not be like” What? what is that, don’t talk, i am scared etc…” when you mention about this topic  ((: 20- I don’t like talking about politics nor religions with those who are extreme. But if you are willing to learn about those interesting things like me, we can talk about it to learn more. 21- I do notice about your appearance when you first talk to me, but then your heart  and your brain will decide your position in my life. By the way, you could be a bit dirty in your words, but your body, no lol 😉 22- I don’t like guys with long hairs, long nails, lady attitudes and those who are  paying too much attentions to their appearance. 23- I can help you even you are not good to me. I have no problems doing that, but remember what you pay will be more than what you got if you ever do bad things to me. 24- I always have my own views about someone’s personality. So if you are hated by so many people, no worries as i might not be one of them even they are my best friends. 25- If you see i talk so many things to you and you feel like i am using you as a trash bin, well then i have trusted you more than 70%. I don’t often talk about myself to other people but the ones i trust. 26- I always need love, hugs and kisses. I just don’t say it out loud. 27- Education, family, friends, freedom and love are important to me. I have my own way to protect those things in my life. 28- I do dream of a happy family sometimes, but then i don’t believe in my own dream. 29- I can get on well with some old buddies even i havent seen them for a while. 30- I still want to be an engineer or a zoologist. I’m still craving to see the giant Anaconda in Amazon jungle. My fear is my love lol



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