Falling up

Falling up

I was 4 years old, fell down from the 3rd floor, my blood dropped every stairs. My mom said i did talk nonsense at that moment, it left a scar right above my eye until now. I never forget that feeling, my heart beated hast and i couldn’t breath. It was hurt really bad, but it still can’t stop me from running whenever i use stairs.
Now, i feel likes scrolling from upstair to the ground again. I know the pain is worse and it might not heal, but why do i have a feeling that i will do it again? Probably your reality is the same as gravity? Never stops me falling for it?…


Introducing mr. C- what he loves and hates.

Introducing mr. C- a blonde man with the Pink cover.

In short, mr.C is a very smart, ambitious and sensitive guy. He is fluent in several languages: Conejish, Torish, the world’s language and rabbit’s sarcasm. He is also practicing the language of Sandwiches’s land and often has some problem with his psychological life. He is absolutely a cute rabbit with a lion appearance. However, he always wears a Pinky coat that makes him a bit girly, so the Lion mask doesn’t work all the time. He is totally upset about it…

He doesn’t love carrots likes others but bananas! He loves banana and has so many bananas in his life. Yes, he even talks in a banana way. It might peel you off a bit and make your nerves become a mess. You will be annoyed, but he won’t care; or he will make an excuse that might amuse you, no worries! . He also loves the powerful liquid from the Rabbit’s land, he probably can’t live without it; likes some people can’t live without love, he is so in love with that black tasty liquid. He has his own theory for everything and he is just so proud of it. However, he is full of contradictions and has some hard time dealings with life…

So, this would be the very beginning of MR.C’s Stories about everything.IMGP0122


Cuando tenía 10 anos…

Cuando tenía 10 años, vivía con mi familia en una ciudad se llamaba BL.  Solo e quedaba en casa, dibujaba y estudiaba mucho. Tenía muchos amigos, pero no me gustaba salir con ellos. Preferís estar en un sitio tranquilo, leía los libros y planeaba para mi futuro. Era muy trabajadora y un poco estupida en esa epoca.

Ahora, vivo en otra ciudad,  en mi casa con mis padres o en el colegio. Todavía, yo dibujo y estudio . Pero dibujo muchas pinturas de desnuda y solo estudio los temas favoritos. Salgo con mis amigos tan a menudo y intento tener experiencias sobre muchas cosas. Ya no planeo para mi futuro pero vivo mi vida cada día y trabajo mucho para lograr mi sueño.


The things i hate.

First, you cannot live this life without hating anything. I am not negative, i’m talking about the realistic side. And somehow, love and hate to me makes a perfect combinations, that is how life to me.

I remember when i was 5 years old, I was in a dance team. There was a spoilt kid who often be a copycat of everything i had and everything i did. At that moment, i know i hate those inmitator gurus. Since then, i have always told myself ” Be yourself or be someone else. Life is not about copying other people but about creating new things and enjoy ourselves”

Being a bit older, during my primary school, i spent most of my time studying and suffering the tragedy of a broken road. I have been hating liers, those who moan, those who blame and those who try to put themselves down to be arrogant in a special ways. Yes i did hate them, i still do. And I would never forget how mad my 5th grade teacher was when she read my essay about her class. She wanted to see nice things, and i wrote about the truth, so i guess those are parallel. I have learnt this “The truth is  bitter, that’s why ppl sometimes are aware of them, some want to taste them, some just try to stay away and use something sweeter instead, some just don’t care”. Probably she was the 2nd kind. Sorry, i would never be your favorite student, my dear teacher.

A couple years later, i got into a secondary that full of naughty silly ppl who always tried to show up themselves in a very stupid way: Bully other kids. I was once a victim. But i was lucky, as i did always have a positive mind; and honestly to say, i don’t really care if ppl try to bring me down by their dirty, humble game; plus what they did to me was nothing compared to what i had to fight with myself at the moment. However, i have learnt that being silent sometimes is not a good idea. At least you should let the world know about you a bit, don’t be too mysterious. Yes, I hated unfairness.

Later on, i did hate so many things, in many categories. I would not consider myself as a hater, but a clear headed girl who knows what to love and hate. In the end, i know it would be better since you are not confused about your own feelings. So,…Hate somethings!