Introducing mr. C- what he loves and hates.

Introducing mr. C- a blonde man with the Pink cover.

In short, mr.C is a very smart, ambitious and sensitive guy. He is fluent in several languages: Conejish, Torish, the world’s language and rabbit’s sarcasm. He is also practicing the language of Sandwiches’s land and often has some problem with his psychological life. He is absolutely a cute rabbit with a lion appearance. However, he always wears a Pinky coat that makes him a bit girly, so the Lion mask doesn’t work all the time. He is totally upset about it…

He doesn’t love carrots likes others but bananas! He loves banana and has so many bananas in his life. Yes, he even talks in a banana way. It might peel you off a bit and make your nerves become a mess. You will be annoyed, but he won’t care; or he will make an excuse that might amuse you, no worries! . He also loves the powerful liquid from the Rabbit’s land, he probably can’t live without it; likes some people can’t live without love, he is so in love with that black tasty liquid. He has his own theory for everything and he is just so proud of it. However, he is full of contradictions and has some hard time dealings with life…

So, this would be the very beginning of MR.C’s Stories about everything.IMGP0122



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