Be a thinking cat

I have never found myself  this lazy.

It is Sunday, funday and i don’t even want to go out with friends even i suppose to have several meetings with them today.

I cancelled them all…

For the first time ever, i want to stay home on a nice Sunday, sitting at my desk, reading.

I’m keen on reading, i have always been. I could read, whenever, wherever. Read, and think. I read, bite everything a bit. I read to forget the reality, to be a dreamer, to balance my life. Not to magnify but reading is very important to me, it makes me become a thinking cat…

Cats are kind a lazy, that’s my mood. They lay down, doing nothing, enjoying the flying time. They might think, they might not, who knows? But they will at least be a thinker cat, once in their life! Better to be a thinker cat that eats the gummyfishes. Be wild, be smooth, be cute, be lovable! Or at least pretend to be. It is the thinker cat inside me always wants to have good treats with sweets and toys. As long as i still want to have those köstliche Gummibärchen with you, the thinker cat is still with me, hiding inside, craving for any cute things in this world, literally.



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