Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules

It was Picasso who said “Learn a rule likes a pro, then you can break them likes an artist!”

I’m not a big fan of him but i have to agree this “breaking rule” quote sometimes makes life more beautiful…

I break the rule today, studying my German lessons in politics class at the army camp.
I break the rule today, walking under the rain without umbrella then taking cold shower afterward.
I break the rule today, finishing all the ice in my glass while having a bad sore throat.
I break the rule today, using the male toilet instead of the female one as there are tons of women in that room and no one use the other one.
I break the rule today, talking about sexual things, marijuana and men while having lunch in front of some strange guys.
I break the rule today, learning nothing and take the exam.
I break the rule today, watching tons of videos on youtube about those hyperpolyglots instead of learning those languages i like.

There is no rule at all, just me, just us put ourselves into those invisible molds or the social fence of the community.

And I realize…
I can study German so well in a strict atmosphere,
I can let my sadness go with the heavy rain,
There is no you to blame me for being stupid- not taking care of my own health,
I finally can cry my heart out under the cold shower,
I feel the equality among those Asian guys who often think they have a right to talk about big things, main things, dirty things, crazy things but ladies can’t. I liked it when they gazed at me curiosity with those tiny eyes. They have thought i am a freak! Feel like i have won the game lol Me gusta muchísimo!!
I got 70/100 for that exam without reading or studying anything for it. Bet i have the guessing skill!
And… i want to be a polyglot, i have always wanted to be one. I love languages, they sound fabulous! I have never mentioned about my goal but i break my rule today! One of my dream is becoming a polyglot!
And… I break my rule today, posting here a photo of my ridiculous face, smiling, in half. Happiness, sometimes cannot be full! (:


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