There is a man inside me.

Being born chubby, i am not a skinny girl likes other Asian girl who can be super girlish in high heels or whatever they wear. Jeans, T-shirts, sport shoes and “man-attitude” are my best friends. I feel safe with that. I feel like there is no one but me could protect myself by being that way. I taught myself not to cry, to study hard in order to get what i want, to stand up for what i believe in, to be strong even if being alone, to be equal to men, and not let anybody look down on me. I have the pride of a men inside this female look.

I do love.

Who says men don’t  love?

A woman with a man’s head loves, too.

I have a wild heart in this young body, a girl inside me dances around whenever i see you, but the man stops her before she could say a word.

I cannot speak it out.



High ego?

Call it whatever you want.

But i love you, and i could never be different.

Don’t be afraid if i ever take care of you likes your mother. Teach me how to love you in a sweet way.

Don’t be afraid if i ever be boyish, i’m just so lonely and up in the air. Hug me, and things will be alright. I might not be a kitten in your arms, but at least someone that always want to feel your heartbeat.

Dont’ be afraid if  i’m being so strong- physical and spiritual. I’m weak inside as well, there is always a place for you to play the hero role in my life. But you need to figure it out….

Will you accept me for who i am?

Will you accept this young wild girl with a man in head?

Let me know….


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