Why does it take you so long?

I’m a big fan of Sex and the city. Not because of the sex, not because of the city; but those realistic dramas of the episode are just so interesting for me. There are once they mention about “The ex” and how long will we get over them.

 Well you have a year to love the person and 6 months to forget them; but not totally. It’s the rule.

I have never been there, but i guess it’s hard to forget someone; especially when that one is the one. I talked to an old friend the other day and this is how our conversation going

Old friend: How did you solve your case with the german guy?

Me: Suffering, every day.

Old friend: What makes you suffer now?

Me:I have my heart sets on him,still. He made the lady out of me and burried the man inside me which nobody could do. He knows the evil inside me and goes well with it. He was just one of the best things i’ve ever had.

Old friend: Well that’s true. But hey, WHY DOES IT TAKE YOU SO LONG???

That’s the question. Yes, why does it take me so long? Does it mean i found the one and the fact of losing him hurt me this bad? or it’s because i am so lonely and tiny in a crowded place that i have to hold on to somebody who could accept me for who i am? I am just so fuck up.

And still, it takes me way too long to forget him, way too long…


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