That moment

That moment when you are tired of all the things around you

That moment when you feel like you could not talk to anybody even they are your best friends

That moment when you feel like you are bothering other people with your own stuffs which you should handle by yourself, people get bored of your drama, just likes you do sometimes, no doubts.

That moment when you are even confused with your decision and not knowing what to do.

That moment when you realize the ex has never been the ex, FWB is the word for your serious feeling and you don’t know if the feeling you had is true or not

That moment when your best friend sees your set your hope high on something you should not while you don’t know if there still hopes left in you or not.

That moment when you want happiness for the person who hurt you bad and you see the confliction in what you want

That moment when you get the texts which you always love to get in an uncomfortable mood and you realize you are not cold by the weather, it is your heart that so cold now.

That moment when you know what to do since that is your stuff and then don’t know which one to do and start asking for your best friend’s advice. You realize friendship and love can both hurt.

That moment when you know you are not that cool, not that strong  when it comes to feeling; and  all the defense wall you built can easily collapse by one person or some special ones that close to you.

The moment when you don’t want your ex date to come back and also want him not to leave.

The moment when you are shaking hard inside out knowing you are ruining everything if you keep being in an confusing stage with yourself.

And the moment when you realize there has never been any relationship for you at all.

-Don’t make me miss your blue eyes lol

-Don’t make me miss more of you

Hell yeah, i am out, you should have said “i dont miss you at all” and keep not showing me your feelings like you always do.



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