A woman’s birthday- a halfway to trouble.

Since there have been a lots of stuffs floating inside my mind lately, i have thrown out one of the “supposed to be important” thing which called Mama’s birthday.

Back in… so many years ago, on January 23rd,  a pretty girl was born  (I’m not sure about this but i was lovely as a baby so probably my mom also was). She must have celebrated the special day every year, first with parents, then bros and sises, then friends, boyfriends, husband-my dad and us- her children; but not today. I got a call from her right before i went to my student’s place. She was kind a “tímida” while reminding me of her birthday. I was frozen, not because of her- the woman who never cares about herself now telling me it’s her birthday, not because of  the late notice via cellphone but because of myself being so careless these days. How could i ever forget my mom’s birthday? Well we absolutely could celebrate it every day, celebrate big, but hey, that’s mom, not the ex boyfriend you should throw away.

How could we forget those who are close to us and hurt them often?

Do we take them or are we taken for granted while it comes to love and family?

The questions will be left unknown, as i don’t even want to answer. But deeply in my heart, i do think i took my parents for granted. I know they will always be there for me no matter what i do. Of course i do love them but Isn’t that so bad a child?

Yes, i am so aware of a bad child inside me who loves to play with devil.

And so sorry mom for not being bold enough to tell you these directly but writing at a page which you would never read, but i do wish you a real happy birthday, just don’t celebrate much birthday you know? I hate to see you getting old.

Your daughter now is such a coward,

With love from me xx

I'm not sure if i brought happiness to you, but at least you will be proud to say about me just the same!
I’m not sure if i brought happiness to you, but at least you will be proud to say about me just the same!



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