If you did drive Cars and knew that law in Spanish is Ley, i’m probably missing you.

Saying good bye to my friend in a bar after drinking some bottles of beer, i found myself riding my bike around Saigon, moaning your name and crying. I passed by all the places we have been together, i passed by the alleys we used to walk together, i passed by the old house, where you watched me grow up in time.

I suddenly want to be in your arm again, i want to cry my heart out and sleep next to you like a little kid.

I want you to feed me milk and gummy bears at midnight on your bed.

I want to wake up before you in the morning and see the sunlight streams down on your face, i was one of the happiest ppl in this world.

I want to tell you about my sadness, my study, my chaos and how i feel without you. I could havewritten a novel now.

I miss you, i really do…


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