The happy path project 1: “The power of Korean music”

It’s almost the end of the year, well it actually is, but I’m that type of person who loves to pull back the time or at least make it become a little bit longer. When it comes to the end of the year, I normally look back at the very start and realize I have done lots of things which I have never imagined I would do. This year is not an exception. 2014 has been a long year with those unexpected events I could never forget; perhaps for my whole life.
I have been wondering all the time what is that thing I want the most in my life, now and later. I have come up with lots of things; and I finally realize that as a human being, I want to be happy. Happiness is something I’m seeking for. There are many definitions of happiness and many ways to reach it; I’m also well aware of the difference of happiness for each person in this earth. Therefore I’m thinking of posting on my personal blog about every little thing that makes me feel happy in life. So in the end, I could know what the key of happiness is for me. Today I would love to write about the kind of music which I used to hate and how it changed my emotion lately.
I’m now sitting here in front of my computer, listening to a Korean song with a catchy chorus, a song that I could never understand the meaning of it even through translation. I could never feel lyrics that are translated; it somehow conveys the meaning in a different way. To feel something, I need to understand it clearly; or maybe have a light connection with it that makes me have the urge to understand it. I’m rational, too rational that I sometimes become a stupid stubborn one. Let me tell you, being intellectual is not enough. There is a heart, and it doesn’t exist just to pulsate.
Osho wrote in one of his book that there are two kinds of languages exist in this world: the language of poetry and the language of prose. The language of prose stands for the rationalism, and of course, the language of poetry stands for the irrationalism. Tell me if you have ever seen something logical in a poem. People create rules for it, but poems, by all means have no rule at all. There are no rules for feelings; there are no rules to control neither one’s heart nor the inner feelings that can barely express by words. Osho is on that poetry team, which means he believes that this world should rather be lived by the feeling, the irrationalism and the rebellion than being based on the intelligence, the fact and the rationalism. However, my perspective is a bit different than Osho, I think we need to balance those two and like a half blooded child learning the languages from their parents, we try to balance the two languages and live the life we want, not necessarily rational or not; but happy. Balancing is the key to happiness, that how it is to me. I’m learning to balance and put myself together.
Going back to the Korean song I like to listen to these days; I realize that my feeling is lifted up while I’m hearing something I don’t really understand. I don’t understand Korean, and I have never had an intention to know what it means. So while I’m listening to the lyric which my brain isn’t capable of comprehending or analyzing, music becomes truly entertaining for me. I feel the pleasure of resting my mind completely. I don’t have to go in there, inside my brain, and carving “I’m listening to the song of my life. How suck it does!” Lesson learn: You don’t need to understand something completely to be happy about it, and sometimes, being on the surface of thing is the best you should do; just to keep yourself content. Tonight, I’m on Osho’s poetic team.