The happy path project 3: The happiness of vulnerability-p.2

I woke up the other day, talking to myself while doing my hygiene. Sitting still under the sun, i stared at the moss grown wall and start to tell it the story of me. The more I talk, the more I realize how much I focus on the pain instead of finding out how to ease it. I could see the contradiction, why do you have to notice about your pain too much while all you want is to be healed? Can you be whole again just by speaking it out? If tears are the way for all toxic to come out of your body, then will listing all your grief be the way to make you feel happy again? I started wondering myself if that is a way for all of us? To accept that vulnerability is always there in our life, accompany us along our journey and it is nothing strange that we are vulnerable human being?
Then i remember when I first started painting years ago, I learned how to recognize the colors. I learned that beside blue and red, each color has different tones and they create different color in the painting. I had never known the magic of painting since then. I think accepting the existence of depression and vulnerability in our life is like learning a new tone of a color, our mission is to add the new tones into the painting to make it beautiful and harmonious. Once we accept the truth that we are vulnerable, we won’t be too surprised when it hurts. Therefore, we can easily let it go and get back on track again once we fail or being down by anything in life. It might be hard, and I’m also trying to put myself together, accepting that being depressive is a part of me, and like the air; it has always been there. We can only feel the air when we stop breathing.
Lesson learnt: vulnerability is not as bad as it sounds. Be its friend, to have a new positive perception about bad feelings in life.


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