Self love

Thursday night, hungry for flesh, can’t confess.

Brief meeting, together they sing.

Conquering the world, the touch, the stroke. 

Love is hooked on the sleeves, love is blind

That’s how you love, shed tears for the tough

Things are rough, you forget they are.

Your heart has scar, each one’s just not far.

You’re busy loving people, forget who you are… 


The tranquil love

And there is a time, you see your heart stops racing, your mind stops panicking, all the chaos you were in now are replaced with a cleansing wave, refreshing and calm.

That’s the moment you see yourself lying in silence next to someone on a week night, the mind’s chasing its own thoughts but the heart calms. You look at them from behind, seeing the light from the TV flashes on their cheek. They are alone, but with you. And you know, somewhere in the heart, you both stay together. That night,on a big bed, at a small room, in a big city, you know how it really feels to have a soulmate. 

As the heart doesn’t need to scream.

Falling up

And sometimes you find yourself wandering alone in a crowded city.

The light 

The breeze

The angry bikes

The busy people

This city is small enough for you to encounter someone you used to know

And big enough for you to lost someone you want to stay.

Your body is falling apart, your heart is melting

You wish you could write a song 

A poem

But your writing sucks 

Just like your big heart

Big things need time to mend.

The silent love

And as the moon reflects on the tiny pond, and as the breeze kisses on your lonely face, the silent love sings a song that’s louder than the noisy roads.
 And as the world is too busy, so are we. 

That’s how the silence remains.
Is that ok? Is that fine? Can we get so high?

To read the mind 

To know that you don’t need to hide

Because you shine

Like the sun rises

And I hope, you’re mine.