Drive with me.

Drive next to me, 
In a dark night,  on a quiet street,  feel the grass smell on the air
Drive next to me,
Take off your mask,  smile at me,  breathing 
Drive next to me,
Forget who we are,  focus only on the night
Drive next to me,
Pouring the gas,  gazing the stars
Drive in front of me, 
Turn back check on my light,  turn back to find me
Drive in front of me
Look at my face in your mirror,  mark your memories.
Drive in front of me,
Show me the way,  tell me to trust that Map in your head
Drive behind me,
Watch my hair flying in the wind,  knowing where I am
Drive behind me,
Sing the love song I never know,  whisper the secret love to the breeze.
Drive with me,
Enjoy every second of it,  make it something you never forget.
Drive with me, 
Knowing free spirits both need to be set free
Drive with me, 
Knowing that love is always there but silent,  it doesn’t yell
Just,  drive with me.


If you was a girl

If you was a girl,
I would surely take you out for romantic dates,  shower you with gifts and make you feel so loved.

If you was a girl, 
I would surely work hard to make you mine
To have you always
To be that person who can protect you
To be that shoulder for you to lean on
To be that chest for you to burry your face in while crying

If you was a girl,
I would ask you to be the woman of my life under the starry night
Put a ring on that finger
Read that vow

If you was a girl, 
I would hold you so tight whenever you feel low
So you know you’re not alone
I would cross the ocean just to give you a kiss goodnight
So you know you’re my one and only
I would call you everyday just to tell you how much I love you
And how much I want you to be there in my life,  forever.

If I was a man,  it might be easier for me to tolerate my ridiculous pride,  worriness and I would carry my burdens alone.
I want you to be happy,  to be loved,  to feel secure out of your armour.
I want you to feel safe,  feel like home when you’re with me even if you’re naked and vulnerable.
I don’t want you to be worried,  to be affected by all my negative moods,  I just hope you know I’m not always fun to be with…
If i was a man,  I would want to do more and more with you… 
But then,  I’m just simply a girl who’s struggling in her chaotic cocoon.
So I hope you stay.

Extremely odd.

I love it,  to be the extremely odd.
It’s not how I want people to remember me, 
in fact,
I don’t mind if they forget.
It’s not how I want to label myself,
I would say: life is art, and art can’t be labelled.

I love it,  to be the extremely odd.
To be that girl at church who speaks freely about sex and gay marriage and there is no such thing called eternal life but heaven on earth,
To be that cousin in the family who has no interest at all in family’s drama as well as the properties,
To be that student in class who has never been- too hard working,  but learn everything with real passion and doesn’t have to fake it
To be that child in the family who is indifferent,  but would always be there when things happen
To be home for somebody,  not with delicious food and clean house and good kids,  but a place in their heart to go back to.

I love it,  to be the extremely odd.
To be indifferent on the outside,  but care with all my heart
To be sarcastic,  but value things that matter
To be insane,  but know when sanity can play its role
To be reckless,  but comes the responsibility at the right time
To be completely down to earth,  but yet believe in miracle…

I love to hear how people say
” you’re extremely odd”
It’s not because of me really being eccentric
It’s not because of the affection from harsh criticism
There is no such thing that can be too much
What is your scale? The macro, the micro?
Can the criteria be limited  when the infinity just has no end?
I know I’m a prime number.
And you are,  too.
We are, odd.
I don’t want being even.
I don’t want to lose the odd of an prime number.
I don’t want people to have a misconception about what unique and what odd.
I want them to know it’s nothing wrong to be who you really are and open about it.
No matter
How odd
How weird
How crazy
How plus multiple negative adjectives
It can be.
It’s nothing wrong,  being honest, and straight forward, and sincere.
It’s nothing wrong, being direct,   and down to earth,  and flying with unicorn.
Be yourself ,  because life is art.
Be an extremely odd,  because the world is nothing but also madness…

Just a question,
How odd is extremely odd?.