If you was a girl

If you was a girl,
I would surely take you out for romantic dates,  shower you with gifts and make you feel so loved.

If you was a girl, 
I would surely work hard to make you mine
To have you always
To be that person who can protect you
To be that shoulder for you to lean on
To be that chest for you to burry your face in while crying

If you was a girl,
I would ask you to be the woman of my life under the starry night
Put a ring on that finger
Read that vow

If you was a girl, 
I would hold you so tight whenever you feel low
So you know you’re not alone
I would cross the ocean just to give you a kiss goodnight
So you know you’re my one and only
I would call you everyday just to tell you how much I love you
And how much I want you to be there in my life,  forever.

If I was a man,  it might be easier for me to tolerate my ridiculous pride,  worriness and I would carry my burdens alone.
I want you to be happy,  to be loved,  to feel secure out of your armour.
I want you to feel safe,  feel like home when you’re with me even if you’re naked and vulnerable.
I don’t want you to be worried,  to be affected by all my negative moods,  I just hope you know I’m not always fun to be with…
If i was a man,  I would want to do more and more with you… 
But then,  I’m just simply a girl who’s struggling in her chaotic cocoon.
So I hope you stay.


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