Drive with me.

Drive next to me, 
In a dark night,  on a quiet street,  feel the grass smell on the air
Drive next to me,
Take off your mask,  smile at me,  breathing 
Drive next to me,
Forget who we are,  focus only on the night
Drive next to me,
Pouring the gas,  gazing the stars
Drive in front of me, 
Turn back check on my light,  turn back to find me
Drive in front of me
Look at my face in your mirror,  mark your memories.
Drive in front of me,
Show me the way,  tell me to trust that Map in your head
Drive behind me,
Watch my hair flying in the wind,  knowing where I am
Drive behind me,
Sing the love song I never know,  whisper the secret love to the breeze.
Drive with me,
Enjoy every second of it,  make it something you never forget.
Drive with me, 
Knowing free spirits both need to be set free
Drive with me, 
Knowing that love is always there but silent,  it doesn’t yell
Just,  drive with me.


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