What is love?

I don’t know your real name,  you don’t know mine
And there’s a secret love life,  stays behind
The end of Spring,  Sunday,  rained
I remember that first look,  it remains…

There is,  though,  no love likes other. Some are loud, like an ocean wave slapping on the shore; some are silent,  like a breeze touching your dried lips in the fall.
Some loves are meant for the whole world to know,  some are just beautiful staying as a hidden treasure of a lifetime.
Some are burnt with the original theory of love,  some are calm,  having no rules at all about how you can love and be loved.
Some are rushed,  suffocated by the pride of youth,  the possession of a new path not yet conquered. Some are slow, like carving on stone,  suffered by the pain of cutting your own hand making art on hard materials,  the vague fear of loosing a vivid thing you never have.

Love, makes your heart melted,  like the melting green candle on the speaker of his TV
Love, makes your heart pounded ,  like that  feeling you have while being inside her,  discover a new world on a narrow boulevard.
Loves,  warms you up from the inside,  like how he let you sleep in his bed while preparing dinner for you
Loves,  makes your heart eased,  like how you can laugh from the end of your lung when she’s around.
Love,  is spending time for each other after a long tiring day at work
Love,  is together making dinner with her in your t-shirt
Love,  is gently hitting him with love whenever he teases you while shopping together
Love,  is  walking under the night sky,  seeing new places together
Love,  is kissing him goodnight whenever you leave.
Love,  is giving her your coat while it rains outside and taste her lips before she goes…
You Love.
Love,  breaks you in pieces, like that China bowl holding the tiny candle in his bathroom you dropped on the wet floor
Love, burns you from the outside , like that egg white omelette you burnt cooking for her
Love, showers you with complex emotions,  embeds on your soul with invisible mark, destroys you from the inside, left you with vulnerability and a shrunken heart.
And you still love.

I don’t know your real name,  you don’t know mine
And there’s my secret love life,  stays  inside…


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