Why do you leave the party too early ?

I left the party a little early last night,  even before the main course was served.
Left all the friends, the fun,  the exhausting beat from the speaker that I stood next to.
Left all the tiring social conversations,  the pretending smiles,  the broken light bulb above my head.
Left all the ridiculous nonsense chats,  the conventional photographs,  the smell of that girl’s perfume stayed irritatingly on my shoulder.
Left my artifical social self on that half eaten pan de patata I could never finish.
I jumped on my bike.
I saw us together driving under the Boulevard at night,  wind in my hair.
The smog of the city suddenly felt better than the festive ambience at the club.
We wandered around the park, under the moonlight.
You talked,  passionately about everything
Left the exhausting traffic,  the funny helmet vendors,  the grumpy security guard at the parking lot,
Left the crowded center, the annoying flows of people,  the lousy dance song from the ice cream store next door,
Left everything behind: the past,  the future,  the time.
The undone research,  the frustrating job,  the troubles,  the labels.
Left all my fears,  my doubts,  my insecurity
Just you,  me and the walk under the full moon.
Then you said you could see yourself being a family man,  with wife,  kids and some pets run around
You said you have no plans,  life is opened, 
And you asked why had I left the party too soon?
From there,  the darkness covered my head,  my heart,  screams.

I saw I woke up,  from a nightmare.


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