I took a shower at 5 in the afternoon,  next to an open window from which I can view the whole city rushing on their way home. The sun was irritatingly shining on the glass,  made my shadow being cut in pieces on the floor,  it could not be whole. I slowly turned on the water,  it’s running down on my hair,  dripping down on my body,  I saw the water drop running down on the broken shadow,  again,  just a vague image on the slippery floor.
Water kept running,  my hand run all over my body,  tried to scratch my back while the feet rubbing each other so they can be cleaned. I remember the first time being cleaned, he said ” we all need someone in the same shower to clean our back for us.” I’m still alone scratching my back.
Walked out of the shower,  I grabbed the pink hair dryer and the towel and sat on the edge of the bed,  the chair is sitting in front of me,  at the corner of the  room,  next to the Window. The black pillow lied on it lazily.  Those poor things,  seeing the beauty of the sun,  being so close to the heat but could never let the sun know what they want and who they are. The chair is lonely.
Couldn’t stand the sad story, I turned on the laptop,  sitting an hour listening to a lecture in the dark. People call it loneliness,  I call it peace. I remember you said many time that life is open, therefore you have no plan. I agree. Nothing should be planned,  I like surprises, that’s how life should be. Lonelines is, too. It comes unexpectedly, and maybe never leaves…


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