The answer.

It was a quiet and lovely afternoon, they lied together on the king bed in the dark room. She could hear nothing but him,  breathing. He grabbed her hand and put it on his bicep,  teased her :
” it’s stiff here,  you have to massage me. It will give you some skills to be a good wife”
Her heart dropped a beat hearing that. She squeezed his arm then bended down to feel his warmth and run her fingers on his smooth skin,  sarcasm come out from her throat :
” don’t worry,  my husband would never be demanding like how you are.”
He turned around, pulled her closer and nailed her on the bed,  breathed heavily :
“no,  your husband will be even more demanding than how I am. ”
They both kept being quiet,  he breathed her,  she tasted him,  there was something beautiful but bitter about the saddest truth when you realize that the person you love could never be the person whom you choose to have a future with. His arms rested on her arms,  his head rested on her back,  his whole naked body nailed her down. The hot, humid weather made them both sweated,  his hip kept moving…  Suddenly,  she kissed him softly on his lips,  he turned away. He was scared,  scared of the kisses,  scared of the burning flame inside them,  scared of the unsaid feeling that would ruin the boundaries they had tried to build.
“I love you!”- she whispered in his ears while he was deep inside her and they both tried to catch their breath. He rested his head on her shoulder, kissing her neck but avoiding her lips, then slowly kissed her all over her face possessively while holding her hands above her head. He looked into her eyes,  and she knew the answer. All the moments they had had together since the first day they met flashed in front of her like a slow motion movie. She saw his happy smile while he was cooking for her,  his worrying eyes whike he was looking for her,  his desirable look in bed,  their intellectual conversation,  their chilling walk in the park,  the quiet but peaceful time they had…
The boundaries are still there,  but they took their invisible fences down. They will never walk on the same path,  but sometimes in life,  things are beautiful just the way it is,  secretive,  undone,  unknown,  silent on the outside but lousy like the ocean wave hitting the beach shore on the inside…


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