The wildest dream

The wildest dream,

came in a rainy day at twilight,

dressed with sarcasm at the corner of that smile

wore an intellectual look in the end of those eyes

walked with pride in every step.

The wildest dream,

sat across the table in a spring day,

curious glance, playful tease

wise words, charming conversation

how alluring it was for a smart head to play dumb

how inviting it was for Angelo’s David to act like Quasimodo

The wildest dream,

doesn’t mind wearing an amour that dims the inner brightness

playing the stupid role

crashing the labels

choosing  the ridiculous creepiness over the intimidating intelligence .

The wildest dream,

toned arms stirring hot tea

slurps elegance, breaths silliness

economic reports on one side of the broken screen

jokes about life on a side

everything turns into a comedy

chivalry is overrated

romance is tortuous

strange bond is light

love is strange.

The wildest dream,

the philosopher dresses as a brainy smartass

undressing me from the queen ant to altruism

from 42 of Douglas Adams to chili con carne

from Verhofstadt’s “Do it” to Taiwan’s tax system

from dualism to canned tuna

from an eros kind to agape type

my elinika sucks like your color of sky

but, of a pragma love, i’m so capable.

in the end, nothing i can’t handle.

The wildest dream,

wakes me up at noon

feeds me with yellow spoon

and a walk under the moon.

Puts me in the cocoon

that will be ripped out,

so soon.


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