And then we walk.

And then we walk,
Under the moonlight,
There’s nothing to hide,
My ego’s left aside.

And then we walk,
Up,  down and around
With you,  and the cloud
I feel,
Safe and sound.

And then we walk,
Pass by the giant tree
My shoulder,  you squeeze
I’m no longer,  free.

And then we walk,
One step forwards, one step back
It’s hard just to,
Keep on track
Because of you,  I’m cracked.
Your parade, 
I can never match.

And then we walk,
In a quiet place,
I crave.
Storms in  my heart, 
You know,
I’ll never be safe.

Sarcasm can’t fix the soul
I know,  It’ll never be whole.
You’re cold, I’ve been told.
A genius head,  the lost soul
You just can’t be fixed
Like a broken toe.

You found me interesting,
Cause I sin.
The rule were made,
I break.
Under the moonlight,
Love’s unkind.


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