Hell of sin.

I suddenly see myself doing the things you do, feeling like this, loving like that.
Moving my hands in the air like the way you express your self whenever you rant.
Making myself busy, letting myself hungry.
I drive over the bridge,  seeing the city lights below,  sparkling like stars on earth.
The river flows,  smooth, quiet,  or it’s just me not being close enough to hear its lullaby?
A kid sitting on the side of the road,  crumpled clothes,  naive smile.
My heart is crumbled.
You’re still there,  honking, showing me the stars up there.
You’re still there,  walking aside,  trying to make me smile.
You’re still there,  walking behind,  telling me to slow down.
You’re there,  being yourself,  no age,  no name,  no tittle.
I am here,  knowing I’ve got a right to be wrong,
I am here, singing the song only my heart can hear,
I am here,  burning down the wall to set me free.
Smooth skin,  thin lips,
Not a single things I can keep.
Take a sip, don’t be on the ship.
Just be there,  the flame in my hell of sin.


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