The dream

Sitting on the edge of the bed, 
mysterious smile on the thin lips,
Hands holding mine,
Warm loving eyes,
I know that it’s mine.

Chinese town,  dark room
I’m busy finding my way out,
Following the dimmed light in the corner of the big place.
All the fears could never make me feel safe.
You never know that’s what I hate,
Being locked inside a cave.

Once in a while, 
I see where I belong to,
Settle down the adventurous soul, 
Homemade meal,  night walks.
Safe and sound, eased at heart.
Sex’s the starter,  peace’s the main course.
Sapiosexual,  our convo, 
Physical needs are not included.
Never make me wonder the purpose,
Never have to ponder twice.
I know I’m in love, 
Head over heal for the way you talk,
Wise words,  smart mind,
Those things that always shine.
For me,
It’s the best,
Being on the surface
Gazing at moons and stars, 
Caring at the right place,
Living life at some shades.

Lying on the wrong side of the bed,
I wake up in tears
You’re the love and the fear,
Being in the dream  I have,
thing just ends before it begins.


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