You lost me.

You lost me, 
Rainy afternoon,  spring day.
Wrong destination, 
Late date,  wrong time,  right people.

You lost me,
In the crowd one night,
Busy street,  noisy bikes,  annoying heartbeats.

You lost me,
In your world one night,
Tiring lies,  broken dignity,  sarcastic laughs.

You lost me,
Within your story,
Between your identities,
The darkness,  the light,  the fight we’re stuck in.

You lost me,
In your bed one day,
Hand in hand, 
We don’t care where we belong to.

You lost me,
In another love,  another life,
No promises,  no right,  no love song on the radio.
We’re hidden from the world, 
Sailing the ship on the invisible sea
Ocean storm,  big whale,
Everything is in the video game that has no rules.

You lost me,
And I know.
Balancing a life that as real as a chicken piece on the yellow fork.
In the end,  we are lost just to be found.


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