It’s not goodbye.

I have never been good at goodbye,

Seeing you walk away with your green backpack.

Holding hands for the last time, hoping for the next.

Quick kiss, last glance,

“I will see you again”

I have never been good at goodbye,

Long way home, Laura Pasini’s song repeated,

I just wish i was next to your seat.

No matter what i try, i know i will miss


Everything about you


Everything about both of us

I have never been good at writing poems.

My rhythm sucks,

My words are messed up,

My head spins,

Thinking of you flying away.

I love you,

I have never seen myself being so in love.

I ‘m sometimes just afraid,

because it got me in trouble whenever i said those words,

but this time.

You make my heart smile,

You blow my insecurity away,

You make me want to stay.

Not every feeling that can be said,

but i promise to never be away.

I’m there, in your heart, wishing you all the best,

an amazing  individual,

I see a bright future ahead for you.

I know what I can do, motivate, inspire, and a hug when you need.

I am not the best,

But i try my best for you.

I truly believe in us,

Faith, Love and Trust.

This is not goodbye, as i know the next thing i say will be “Hello”.

But i miss you though… 😦







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