And i deleted it all, all the messages, the photos, the emails.

All the little things that can be a part of a nice memory i want to keep.

We started it as strangers, now i hope we can also be.

And you said my love could never treat me right,

what do you know about right or wrong?

And you told me to not get married to someone you never know,

who are you to talk about commitment?

And you told me who is the fraud, who is the good,

which one then would you label yourself?

Seeing your little lover in a floral dress,

No baby, i feel nothing but sorry for you,

and that woman who would never know how to spell your name right.

Go have fun, it’s your turn.

Burn all those please, whatever we had together.

Because the “we” sounds wrong having you in it.

And you told me that i could find no one like you?

sure, who else can  be such a fraud?

And you told me that i was the only one?

sure, who else knows you are such a fool?

No, i don’t hate you.

No, i am not angry at you, if that’s what you want to know.

I am annoyed, that’s the word.

Don’t bring me to any meetings, doctor, dentist, real estate…

Don’t make me dinner, don’t make my bed.

I need no advice, in love,  life, career.

Don’t get me chocolate, don’t send me to the moon.

Cause we know everything will just end soon.

Let’s leave the cocoon, once again, it’s your turn

Don’t apologize, don’t hide.

I’m not here to stay, i have nothing to say.

Erase those kisses, forget my smile

Let my sun shines, let me say goodbye,

No longer need your cover,

Let this thing over,

Goodbye April boy, porque  yo voy.




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