The dead muse.

The muse left,  flowers die on the way she goes.
I sit here,  stuck in my shoes.
Summer rain, love’s faint.
Thinking of you in a hot summer night.
You make me high,  you make me find
that missing piece of mine.
Seeing you on my way,
What can I do?
Searching for another time
When it’s right,  when we’re fine.
Searching for another world
Where it’s right,  where we’re not poisonous for each other.
My muse,  you’re nothing like the others.
With you,
I wish I could go further.
Knowing nothing lasts forever,
I keep you as my almost lover.
Let you go,  I leave the flowers die without water.
Walking this way alone,  under the moonlight,
I’m no longer high.
Reality is brutal,  leaving you is crucial.
You wake me up in my own dream, 
Lost and found, 
Sensing you in the crowds full of strangers…


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