When the sky turns light blue, and the sun hides behind the purple clouds.

We walk under the same sky, pointing at the tiny moon rising from the north-east corner.

Closing wounds, drinking the moonlight as it’s the magic cure

Closing eyes, blowing kisses as it’s the last time on earth we touch the rose petal.

Closing mind, making love as we will fall out of heaven the day after.

Love hurts, like a painful wound of an offended mind

Love hurts, like a brave heart being left aside

I see us falling free,

I see us finding the key.

Just like that, we never cross the sea

In the end, it is just a dream.

Your smile is my moonbeam,

as beautiful as it might seem.

The love will one day be forgotten,

gone with the wind, hidden in the air

like your identity in a white folder in a quiet corner,

which i found.


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