I go into bed bringing your scent with me,
Late night,  cold shower,
I sense you on my skin.

Dramatic people,  complicated shit,
Everything is overwhelming
I dream of running to you.
I dream of running into you.
I want to tell you how long my day is
Seeing my own reflection on the mirror of an old house,  distorted.
Cycling around town,  bumping wheels through stinky market after the rain.
Church’s bell rings,  I see birds fly out from the rooftop.
Lazy traffic flow,  thousand busy people passing by each other.
Everyone wearing protections
Helmets, gloves, condoms,
Can they really protect the most delicate thing?
Laughing at you for over protected layers,
What can I do for myself?
Being the shell that stays on the rolling wheels,  is there anything left to peel?


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