Stay up so late everynight, 
Drowning myself in thousand strains of thoughts
Moonlight is dimmed in the dark sky,
I miss you.

Seeing us lying together in a lazy afternoon
Chinese song on the TV,
A late flight to catch
I thought time was frozen,
Seeing you sleeping in peace next to me.

I miss you.
Seeing you being so blurred with my steaming tears
Busy night
Many things left unsaid
I wished time would stop,
Framing us together until the end of the Era.

I miss you.
Seeing you in every little thing I do,
Sensing you in the air
Intergrating in my life,
Touching my heart,
Making me miss you like everything will just end tomorrow.

I miss you,
Seeing myself crying right after you left
Knowing that now you’re a part of me.
I touch our memories in my heart every night I sleep
Sending “I miss you” to your inbox out of nowhere
I know I’m odd,
But I love you,
Without myself knowing it.
Because it’s real.


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