Floating on the clouds 

Heavy heart

I’m falling, up. 

Drowning in the ocean, 

Light head 

I’m flying,  down. 

Putting my hand on that chest of yours, 

A quick touch can feel the beats. 

Different rhythms,  sad lullaby, 

Not thinking twice, you took my fingers off. 

I am nothing,  but a moth.

Bugging your light,  dancing with fire. 

Playing with my reflection on that burning glance of yours. 

Tricking my calloused soul,  tickling my fragile heart.

Touching your skin,  I guess I’m dying a bit. 

Filling up the spaces between your fingers, I bet I’m home. 

Watching you falling asleep at twilight,  I wish that last first kiss of yours will just be mine. 

You’re the star that shines through darkness, 

I’m nothing but the firefly that dies in a stormy night. 

And the star,  has never belonged to the darkness of the firefly. 


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