It had to be you. 

I cry everytime Frank sings the song, 

Telling myself that I have to be strong. 

Nothing else could be so wrong, 

The world is a mess,  

I feel nothing,  but stressed. 

I wish I could take a rest, 

Emptying my mind like the inside of an atom, 

Fireworks on the sky,  rushing motorbikes, 

There was a girl that needs to hide, 

Flowers fly with the wind, angels smile from above. 

I wish there was nothing but a show, 

Pouring my blood in the bowl, 

Dipping my soul in sorrow. 

I cry for you, my heart is bleeding

I cry for you,  my legs are trembling

I cry for you,  my mind is shaking. 

It had to be you,  the wonderful you, 

For nobody else gave me a thrill

With all your faults,  I love you still… 


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