Wedding dress

I see you today in your wedding dress,

The brightest smile, beautiful as always,

Brown eyes sparkling in happiness, beautiful bouquet in your hands

I wonder if they serve your favorite dish at your wedding,

Play your song, remind you of your past,

Tell you the story you wanna know, tell you the words you wanna hear

Out of thousand voices out there, i remember yours.

I remember you sitting on the stair with your notebook opened

We walked back to my place in a rainy day,

You are one of the reasons why i become who i am today.

You dressed me up, you sharped me, you made me change myself

You taught me to love myself, you taught me many things,

But then again, i am not a kid anymore.

You are unpredictable, interesting, wonderful

You are amazing, smart, funny

I am so listing all the great adjectives or writing down some Shakespeare lines,

just for you.

I love and I hate, you ask me why it is so,

I don’t know, But i feel it, and It torments me.

Catullus speaks for both of us,

I’m sending you a great hug and all my memories for you

Take them all off like how your man rips your wedding dress off

throw it on the floor  and let it be stained with wine

Let me keep your smile in that afternoon in Feb,

As bright as the sunshine, as great as my pain.

You’re my family.


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