Blood and Pablo

Waking up in a summer day,


I pour my blood on the white paper,

I pour my heart out, fermented in time

Chop my body off every night

Disintegrate my soul when I’m high

Cut my own throat saying I love you

Plunge the knife of truth in  my own heart

My brain can’t stop searching for you.

I keep myself busy the whole time

Lying to myself with shitty lies

The chaotic circle i can never get out

Time is running out,

My blood is dried

That blood stain on the white paper,

Remind me of your smile under the starry night

In a windy night

On the busy street

You are all over me

And i am just not over you.

Reading the saddest lines of Pablo,


“Yo la quise, y a veces ella también me quiso.”

Amor, vendo mi alma por ti….


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