Before midnight 

I curl up in bed, 

bare skin under the sheet, being crushed into pieces.

My body aches, my soul hurts.

All the pressure that brings me down under,

is nothing,

I just need you, the real you, the vulnerable you, the sickening you, the sarcastic you, the you in my world.

I fool myself in an honest world that is full of lies,

all the butterflies turn into dried leaves that fly

the sweet honeybee are just bitter wax

the sour candies ended up being too spicy that my throat is torn

the rain drops hop on my cheek, salty

you know what do you have in common with them?

they feel real, but they are not real.

our life won’t be sealed.

those pains will never be healed. 


days like this,

I just crave you. Your hugs, your kisses, your warm skin

I crave that moment to lie on the same bed with you, being separated by an invisible border

I crave,

to reach out my hand and draw a line on your spine,

to touch your skin and kiss it with real love

to look straight into your eyes and being able to tell you how do i love

to hug you from behind in your t-shirt and kiss that shoulders from behind

to be loved, just once,

to be loved by you.


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