I am still the same.

Hey, I am still the same.

The girl sitting across you, stirring the mango tea with a broken heart and a messy brain

I was so lost. I am now.

I was so sad, guess it has not been any better.

I was so depressed, guess i just hide it better.

I was so broken, i have not been able to pick up all the pieces since then.

Hey, I am still the same.

Still cry at night, still lost in my ocean of thoughts.

Still tough and sarcastic as fuck

i am still stuck, and i don’t give a fuck

You never ask me if i am happy, well , done

I have never been, everything is temporary.

I have a job that kills all my time

the students that are too spoiled,

the colleagues that keep talking about shit

the ridiculous academic boss

a boyfriend that i have only met twice

Everything look nice, But i have always had to hide

I, simply want to be the kid sitting on the side of the bed, eating the homemade salad while the curtain is opened, so she can see the moon shines through darkness.

Many thing i have to confess,

and then again it’s just stress

Get me undressed, don’t be like the rest

i am not served in set….



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