I wish you would bend over to kiss my neck in a rainy day

Holding my fingers, your palm leans against mine, my arms rest on yours

Let my chin stay on your shoulder and my arms around you

I won’t touch you inappropriately, what i feel for you is too beautiful for that.

Kiss your ears from behind while my hand is dancing on your chest,

my toes: touching your Achilles heel,

my skin: melting in your bullet hole

my blood: dropping down to the infinity of the unknown mystery

squeezing my brain to accept that you are 199 and i am 211

You are unique, I’m just lonely.

And i draw the vector of my fantasy,

hoping that it meets the end of your reality,

not quite close,

It’s an asymptote!


I wake up, slap myself out of a dream that is so real


Seeing you sitting there, once again, buries me deep down in a dreamy reality.

That is so beautiful, it hurts.

My love is quixotic, and you are the windmill that put me in pain.


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