I would sit in front of you the whole afternoon,  guessing what the universe feels like behind those glasses. 

Life is full of curiosity,  you can’t stop questioning why the weather is nice today whereas I can only sit still and be overwhelmed by the natural beauty. 

I would walk next to you until my feet bleed in happiness,  hearing the wind whispers in my ears what my heart can’t let you feel. 

I would stand on the other side of the bridge, capturing you in my own world when you you wave at me. I know you never belong to me. 

I would be there under the sunset watching the dark covers everything around me and my eyes are full of tears like how the water goes up after a long afternoon. 

I would secretly stare at you when you talk,  wishing time to stop. I don’t know what could I do without you,  even I can always live without you. 

Take me to your bed,  undress me,  torment me with the pleasure of lust and the delusion of love.  

Hold me once,  let me be in your embrace. 

But no, 

You, you’re the knife,  you’re the bandage,  you’re nothing but a curse and a cure.